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Buy your own Black Hawk from the GSA

By: Carten Cordell   February 1, 2016

What do you get the valentine that has everything? How about a tactical military helicopter.

The General Services Administration is auctioning a Black Hawk helicopter currently located in Hunstville, Ala. for any aviation enthusiast with a few hundred-thousand dollars to spare.

The auction, initially retweeted by FCW reporter Zach Noble, is taking bids until Feb. 10, when it closes at 11 a.m. CST. As of Feb. 1 the bid was at $200,000.

The helicopter will be sold in "as is" condition and offers no warranty, but with the winning bid and an End User Certificate filed with the Department of Defense, one lucky someone can fly away with an aircraft that can lift 2,600 pounds of internal cargo.

The GSA auction site offers an extensive vehicle history that includes 35 years of service records in such locales as the Kuwait, Iraq, as well as various National Guard and military installations, including Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Campbell, Ky.

The End User Certificate requires the winning bidder to disclose information about themselves and their purpose for the aircraft, as well as business information, as part of DoD's requirements to relinquish military aircraft to the public.

But love knows no bounds. So if your pocketbook can part with the funds, head to the GSA auctions site and start scoping out for the appropriate parking spot. Army Ranger team and pilot not included.

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